Revolutionizing the AEC industry by automating design solutions.


Virtual Reality

An automation system to create an immersive virtual environment from a simple 2D floor plan. Interpreting all interior and exterior design elements, an accurate VR model is built in real time. Said model creates an environment for a fully immersive experience open to interactive modifications of the architectural design as well as the interior design. 


Automated Structural Design

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A smart engine that is able to determine structural static and dynamic loads, run a detailed analysis to calculate internal structural stresses and forces, and generate an accurate structural design. The generated design includes all necessary 2D drawings, an interactive 3D model and analysis reports ready for approval.

3D Model Generation

A smart tool that converts 2D architectural floor plans into 3D models instantly. Using AI technology, the engine is able to detect the scale of the drawing, identify location and type of all walls, window and doors, and recognize various furniture types. Accordingly, the engine generates an accurate interactive 3D model and the associated quantity takeoffs.

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